Hi, I'm Nadine Rodriguez.

I show coaches, healers and entrepreneurs struggling with self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, and not charging their worth how to believe in themselves deeply, totally own their value, and stand more confidently in their life and business.

Need Some Weekly Inspiration?

Come listen to me on The Evolve with Nadine Podcast where every week I deliver inspirational episodes.

From interviewing other entrepreneurs and coaches who have overcome challenges in their lives and businesses to solo episodes where I share little nuggets of wisdom. Either way they’ll have you feeling better and motivated to keep going.

Heal Your Inner World

Does your mind go round and round with thoughts of self-doubt, comparison, anxiety, or fear? It’s time to heal your inner world.

Learn why healing your inner world will change your outer world. I created a free audio and pdf guide for you all about this. Grab your copy today!🙂

Hey! I'm Nadine!

I’m a Transformational Coach, Intuitive Healer & Author helping entrepreneurs and coaches heal from trauma and break through limiting beliefs to create a life and business of freedom and fulfillment.

I have a passion for bringing out their light and helping them get out of their own way. I want them to shine bright while making an impact and have a wildly fun and profitable business.