Hey hey freedom seeker!

I show coaches and entrepreneurs like you struggling with self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, and not charging your worth how to believe in yourself deeply, totally own your value, and stand more confidently in your life and business.

I know how you feel...

I’m just a girl that went through my own unblocking and it’s now my passion to help you unblock yourself.

From the stories and beliefs that are holding you back. I want to bring out the light in you so you can shine bright. Keyword there, “bring out”, that’s right, it’s already in you.

I’m working towards growing a business where I can help as many entrepreneurs as possible.

My fear is that I won’t impact that many people. That’s why I try to help others be their true self and shine bright so they can go on and impact whoever they’re working with. I’m creating my own ripple effect.

What inspires me the most is getting messages from clients telling me they feel great, that they’re going out and working on their goals and don’t feel what they used to feel, that opportunities are opening up for them that weren’t they’re before, and that they feel so good and confident about themselves.

Hearing this makes me want to keep going stronger.

I want to be the inspiration to you by holding space for you to let loose. Then to get you to the point where you fully believe that you truly are worthy, deserving, and capable of the dream business you desire. That is shining bright.


If you would have told me years ago that I would be helping the lives of other amazing entrepreneurs, I would have said yeah right.

nadine rodriguez imposter syndrome hypnotherapist

A long time ago I was in an abusive relationship and I hated my life. I kept it a secret from everyone around me but hated how I felt. That’s how  I got into personal development and started my own journey down that path.

Once I ditched the guy I’ve always known I wanted to help other people somehow but imposter syndrome kicked in and told me I wasn’t qualified to do any such thing.

My biggest transformation happened internally. I was filled with so much hate and guilt towards myself. I never had a nice thing to say about me. But now I love myself so much it’s amazing.

That’s when I gave myself permission to help others out with coaching and hypnotherapy.

I’m Board Certified as a:

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I feel amazing and because of that I can serve my clients and anyone around me 1000 times better.

My favorite thing about this business is I get to serve entrepreneurs like you that know they’re meant for more. You’re ambitious, heart-centered and really want to make a massive impact while having the freedom and success.

Maybe you’re not seeing the results you’d like to have or you’re seeing success but are sabotaging it in some way. 

You are so ready to uplevel but are stuck. You’ve created vision boards, repeated affirmations on the regular,  and have a bunch of different meditation apps on your phone. 

But still you still feel blocked or disconnected from yourself and your business. 

You want crazy success but it’s not happening, or it’s going a lot slower than you’d like.



Ready to join me and transform your life and business from the inside out?

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Is to help you finally let go of imposter syndrome, anxiety, and self-doubt. To heal your trauma so that you shine so bright everyone around you will feel it. Your audience, your clients, and everyone who is literally near you.

I can’t wait to make that happen for you!


I know what it’s like to be held back by your own mind.

To believe the stories it tells you. To not go after something because I didn’t feel qualified. To not feel good enough to work with clients or charge higher prices. To feel like a fraud when you do get success. To not feel like I deserved any of it.

I searched outside of myself buying courses and hiring coaches hoping it was just a strategy I needed to change.

But it turned out all I needed to do was go within and heal the subconscious beliefs that I didn’t even know I had.

I now know what it feels like to be free of that inner critic. Yeah she may creep back up every now and then but I know how to handle it. It no longer controls me.

I want you to feel the same. To know you really are limitless, you just need to believe in yourself.

You are here for a purpose and your audience and potential clients need you!

But first you need to know a lil bit about me...

If this is going to work, you have to know that I run on binaural beats music, flower essences, coffee, and lots and lots of lemon water.

My guilty pleasure is a glass or two of wine and pizza.😋 🍷 🍕

I’m obsessed with puppies, anything that has to do with the moon, dance parties with my nieces, and getting my nails done.💃 💅

I'm the Co-Author of Get Past Your Sh*t!

Nineteen Stories Of Imperfect People Who Prove You Can. If you ever feel alone in what you’re going through in life, I’m sure there is a story in this book that you will resonate with.

You are not alone! Give it a read and get the inspiration and motivation you need.

Charities I support

Helping end human trafficking
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Helping bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet.

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