align and recalibrate for success immersion

Does this sound familiar??

It’s time to achieve unshakeable confidence and a fierce belief in yourself so you can get more clients, more money, and a biz that’s full of meaning & fulfillment.


I know that you’re amazing at what you do. You’re dedicated and committed to making it work because you refuse to go back to a 9 to 5 and work for someone else.

You know that mindset is very important when it comes to success.

You probably even tried…

⟹Vision boards
⟹Thinking positive thoughts.
⟹Gratitude journals

But you’re still in the same boat and because of that imposter syndrome has kicked in on high and you’re..

✖️Comparing others success to yours.
✖️Turned into a perfectionist
✖️Overthink like crazy
✖️Keep buying courses hoping this one will be the one that works
✖️Starting to doubt yourself and think there’s something wrong with you. If others are doing it why can’t you?

It’s time to drop all the hustle and go within to do some major cleaning up and healing. Do the inner work so your inner world is at peace and filled with love and your outer world will reflect the same.

90% of success is mindset and 10% is strategy.

Yet, entrepreneurs have been flipping that around.

It’s time to do it the right way. And it all starts in the subconscious mind.
Why? Because the subconscious mind is what stores all your:

🧠And so much more.

We’ve been trying to operate the success of our business with our conscious thinking mind when we need to go to the root…the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is what makes our decisions and it’s usually based on how we feel about ourselves.

Does it truly feel worthy and deserving of success, abundance, ease and flow and anything else you want to attract into your life?

What if you could...

Let go of unhealthy perfectionism and crush procrastination

Be free of old stories, the need for external approval from others, & live an authentic life on your own term.

Have built a strong inner foundation for what’s ahead of you and feel a sense of calm & peace within yourself.

Discover how to better accept and love your true self.

Gain the confidence to lead and be seen as an authority in your field

Feel comfortable receiving and giving praise.

Be fully open to opportunities and synchronicities in your life.

Feel a huge sense of accomplishment with what you have achieved.

Join Me In Align & Recalibrate

Hey there! I'm Nadine.

I’m a hypnotherapist and mindset coach. With a strong passion for bringing out the light in female entrepreneurs so that they can shine bright and make an impact while having a profitable and fun business.

My mission is to help you get rid of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are preventing the success you want in your business.

Start feeling worthy and deserving of everything and anything, because you are!

I know exactly how you feel and what you’re going through, because I was there.

Imposter syndrome, self doubt, fear, and anxiety ruled my life. I tried all the things to help me out. While they did provide some relief, they didn’t help me get to the root of the problem.

I was still self-sabotaging even though I wanted success. I was still procrastinating even though I knew what I should be doing.

I have dyslexia (which means sometimes I see words or images flipped or completely different. I have to go back and reread them to see what they actually are) so would take extra time to make sure everything was perfect.

Perfectionism at its worst.

It wasn’t until I fully immersed myself into hypnosis and the subconscious that all my healing started to happen.

Things that used to trigger me, have no effect on me whatsoever.

Instead of beating myself up and putting myself down, I’m my own cheerleader. I feel so aligned and in harmony with my purpose to help other women entrepreneurs out.

It feels easy and free and it all started with doing the inner work.

Let me help you on your own inner journey!

Introducing to you...

Align & Recalibrate Immersion

3 Month 1:1 Program to rewrite your brain for success, heal old wounds and beliefs, and free your inner child so you can have a fun business and life.

This is a powerful immersion with me where I’ll take you from feeling self-defeating to feeling a ferocious confidence and self belief that you’ll be able to accomplish anything. 

What you wanted to achieve in your business will happen because you have the right mindset programed for it.

Things that used to trigger you, no longer will. You’ll be more visible, get more clients, and have a fun and profitable business because you’ve finally let go of the mental blocks sabotaging you.

Through the use of hypnosis and mindset coaching we’re going to go deep so you can get rid of:

So that you can become SUPER ALIGNED and CALIBRATED with your purpose, your life, and your business.

So is the Align & Recalibrate Immersion all about?

I create a container that’s safe so you get let loose and be vulnerable. You won’t ever have to feel scared or judged when you come and work with me. 

Sometimes things come up and you may want to cry. I’m here to hold space for you so you can process what comes up without any worry or embarrassment.

Plus, you’ll feel so much better when it’s over.

I follow a 3 step proven framework based on real experience and expertise. My process is simple.


We find out what is is you really want and dig deep. Sometimes what we think we want, turns out to be something else. And that’s ok but getting the clarity first is so important.

2: Subconscious Healing

This is where the change work happens. Your inner child is screaming for love and attention and you give it to her. We dig even deeper to help clear any blocks standing in your way. From limiting beliefs, to negative emotions, and we’ll elicit and align your values.

3: Empowerment

Now that you’re feeling good and see shifts in your day to day life we’re going to build the momentum so you can crush your biz goals with extreme confidence and ease.

Love notes from clients…

Nadine really helped me to get to the root of my problems when it came to my career. What I thought was holding me back was really at the superficial level. She really helped me to go so much deeper in a way that I could have never done on my own.

– Natalie Lopez, RN – Health Coach

I am feeling absolutely amazing! Nadine helped me work through some old money stories and patterns that I’ve had in my life showing up and really stopping me from being able to move forward, and now I am feeling absolutely amazing.

– Cassidy Thompson – Photographer & Artist

Working with Nadine and was absolutely incredible. I had been feeling for a while that I just wanted to perform. I love dancing. I love speaking. But I felt like I couldn’t fully express myself and held back because it just looked like an obstacle in front of me. Now I have felt so much more free and light. I can embody more of myself. Now I show up more as I actually am and I love that. Nadine is amazing and incredible and she is also, focused on getting, more people to stand in their power and just be totally confident and that’s exactly how I feel

– Diana Sofia – Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

Ready to Get Started?

The deets...

What’s Included:

Weekly 1:1 calls that build up after the next

Weekly homework: Don’t worry no long essays. Just certain tasks that build upon the session that will help integrate the work we did. These may not be every week either.

Accountability and weekly checkins.

Email support: So if anything comes up during the week you can email me.

Plus, hypnosis or meditations that will support you along your journey. Each person is different and may not need them.

Countless women entrepreneurs I’ve had the privilege of helping feel more at peace and confident with themselves and business.

They’re also taking aligned action, being more visible to their audience, and kicking fear and imposter syndrome in the butt if it does creep back up.

Sound too good to be true? They started exactly where you are now. They were working their butts off, drowning in self doubt, anxiety, fear, and feeling stuck and overwhelmed. But they were afraid or didn’t think they needed to hire a mindset coach.

Instead asking for this kind of help turned into the kind of success they thought was only a dream. They never thought they could feel this good and shine so bright that overflowed into their business and life.

Investment to join the Align and Recalibrate Immersion starts at $1,222

How To Get Started

Join the waitlist. I open up a few spots a month. If you want to work with me then hop on the waitlist. You’ll get first access to when the spots open up.

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