Has your muse been absent lately? Do you feel unmotivated about your business?

It can feel overwhelming when you want to have a successful business, but you’re stuck in a rut. 

Use the following tips to help bring your muse back to inspire you.

Read Profiles of Successful People

Don’t try to do everything on your own. Get inspiration from people who have gone through the pain and effort of what you want to accomplish. 

Use their success, and more importantly, their failures to draw inspiration from.

Open Your Eyes to People Around You

Sometimes people get so caught up in their day-to-day activities that they don’t see what others around them are doing. 

Many times, these other people are doing extraordinary things, and we can use them for our own inspiration. You can do this both at work and in your community. 

People are always doing amazing things. It just takes some observation to see it.

Revisit Your Own Past

Most people have accomplishments they have forgotten about. 

Try to remember what you have done in the past that excited and inspired you. Sometimes, just thinking about them can inspire you for your present life.

Keep a Journal

You never know when your muse is going to pay you a visit. When you get an inspiring idea, if you don’t write it down, you will forget. 

It can be something as simple as a small notebook with a pen attached. You could also use a smart device for this purpose. Just make sure you carry it around with you wherever you go.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you interrupt your brain from its usual way of thinking, it will think in ways you have never thought about before.

Try to step outside your comfort zone. Do activities that you, and others, would not consider normal for you. When you do this, you are causing your brain to generate new neural pathways. This is an excellent method to become inspired.

Watch Videos on YouTube

Try to find videos that are inspirational or teach something. This is not about watching videos of cats playing with each other or doing other cute things. 

There are plenty of stories about people who have overcome adversity. This gets the creative process flowing.

Make Lemonade out of Lemons

Yes, I know this is a huge cliché. But, the message is clear. Try always to turn problems into opportunities. You will never know until you try.


  • Read two books in the next couple of weeks about successful people. 
  • Think about a failure you have had in the past year or so. What was the outcome of that failure? What would you do differently if you were given a chance to do it over? Record your answers so that you can refer to them in the future.
  • Find a TED Talk on inspiration or a subject you have wanted to know more about. The ideal situation would be to go to a live Talk. However, you can find plenty of TED Talks on YouTube.

For more information about finding information, check out these books for further reading.

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The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Awaken the Giant Within

Now that you have some good tips on how to build your inspiration, start using some of them.

It only works if you take action…so start now!