Do you feel stuck?

Not sure what else you need to do to remove that block?

Months have passed by and your business is still the same? You feel like you’re hustling all the time and you just wish your days were filled with ease, flow, and clients?

nadine rodriguez imposter syndrome hypnotherapist

How about trying something different?

Wouldn’t you rather feel courageous and confident showing up in life with a self belief in yourself that is unstoppable?

I know that you want to feel empowered and have booming profits while making a huge impact.

You just haven’t had anyone guiding you into your subconscious mind to remove old beliefs and patterns and reprogram then with an unlimited supply of self-worth, self-love, and empowerment.

Everyone else is selling a new strategy or marketing tactic that you must use in your business.

But not here. I believe in working from the inside out. If you want to have an amazing outer world, it starts with your inner world. And that’s where I come in.☺️

Hey hey! I'm Nadine!

I have a passion to help healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs eliminate imposter syndrome, fear, and anxiety by bringing out the light that’s shining inside of them so that they can have that wildy profitable and fun biz they dream of.

I’m different because I use inner child healing, shadow work, and chakra alignment in my process of healing.

Along with hypnotic mediations to reprogram the subconscious mind for success. I help you change your inner world so your outer world is amazing!

Maybe you’re just bogged down and overwhelmed by the noise that’s going on online.

One person tells you one thing another person tells you another.

Maybe you’ve tried to meditate, and tried affirmations, and created vision boards. Those work, yes, but only after you’ve done the inner work.

You didn’t come across me by mistake.

I know you have what it takes to  achieve the confidence you want to scale your business, get more clients, make more money, and feel worthy and deserving of it all.

Work With Me Today! Here’s how…👇

Ready to uplevel your mind and business?

Align ReCalibrate Evolve
3 Month 1:1 Immersion

This is for the motivated and success focused entrepreneur, coach, or healer who’s ready to do some deep inner work to create an amazing outer world. To let go of old and limiting beliefs and create empowering and fulfilling ones.

To completely take charge of their life and create the business and life they know they want to live.

Want to get clarity on what's stopping you?

Free 20 Minute Clarity Session

Can you really get clarity in 20 minutes? You bet! Go through my process and you’ll find out what exactly is stopping you from moving forward.

Want to learn why healing your inner world is important?

FREE GUIDE: Heal Your Inner World to Change Your Outer World

Then you’ll wanna get your hands on a free pdf and audio guide I created to help you understand why it’s important to heal your inner world to change your outer world.

Most people have it backwards. They try and change what’s going on outside of them. But not you after you go through this guide!

No matter which offering you choose...

I consistently bring my 3 Method approach - Clarity, Healing, & Empowerment.

I’ll always hold space for you in a sacred container that’s meant to be safe and confidential.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out here.